I've taken these pictures primarily with an iPhone, however, a few photos were taken with a Panasonic DMC-LX10 (ƒ1.4) and EOS M (ƒ1.8 "pancake" lens or a ƒ4 telephoto lens). Full quality versions can be viewed by clicking any photo on this page.

2022 update

I've since switched to a Panasonic G85 + Panasonic G9 combo.

2023 update

Some photos taken from my iPhone 8/12/14 Pro are also below. The newest pictures use ProRaw, which are then compressed in Lightroom.

2023 update (#2)

Now using a ƒ1.4 lens on my Panasonic G9 + Ninja Atomos V for video.

You are free to use any of these images, both non-commercially and commercially. However, I do ask that the watermark remains (or attribution). Cheers.

Thanks! :)


Peyto Lake
Lake Louise

Burnaby Mtn. Park

Dixie Orchard
Dixie Orchard

Pearson Airport, Toronto, ON

Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

United States

Chilkoot Inlet, AK


Just leaves.
More leaves.

Lego Sakura Tree


Cows Ice Cream

Random cake.

Hong Kong

Mong Kok
Vic. Harbour

Tsuen Wan


~36,000 ft.

Somewhere over BC

South Korea

Olympic Park
Seoul Tower


Taipei 101