Most people know me as dawgy, doghouch, or Aaron. Welcome to my small (and cozy!) website located in a corner somewhere in Toronto!

I am a computer science student at the University Of Toronto and I'm proficient in various programming languages.

(I speak Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Angular (rip), Vanilla JS, jQuery, VueJS and Python!)

With that said, I enjoy sketching random things as well as tinker with my single board computers (RPIs, Omega2s, etc.). A broken down list of my pastimes/hobbies can be found below!

My Pastimes/Hobbies

I usually spend my free time...

- programming (I prefer C++ and Java)

- drawing

- breaking my virtual/dedicated servers

- designing websites

- tinkering with arduinos/RPIs/routers/servers (peer with me @ AS137411!)

Some of My Projects

All of my projects are available on GitHub. Some highlights:

If you like my work, feel free to buy me a cup of joe.

Contact Me

If you want to see my resumé (or just say hello), send an email to: (click to copy).