Aaron H.


Hello, there! Welcome to my (small and cozy) website. Some people know me as dawgy, or doghouch, but my name is (actually) Aaron. If you want to say "salut," I speak both English and French on my communication channels.


During my (limited) free time, I usually enjoy watching an anime or tinkering with one of my servers. I do occasionally do some DIY sensor projects (weather monitoring, etc.), however, the majority of my time is used to maintain my existing projects.

Having said that, an easy-to-read list of my pastimes are below!

  • Drawing
  • Programming (I prefer C#/C++ and Java, but Python is great for prototyping! My projects are available on GitHub)
  • Photography (my gallery contains random photos)
  • Tinkering with my servers & home NAS
  • Managing my small IPv6-only network (AS137411)


Apart from my freelance experience:

I have been working at bunny.net (formerly BunnyCDN) since September 2020 as a Junior Software Developer.

Contact Information

I can primarily be reached at me@aaron.pm. I can also be contacted through the following addresses:

... or, you may send a text message to +1 (416) 556-0616 (please don't call before sending a message first - I don't usually answer non-contacts).